The Perfect Cuddle Pillow for the COuch, BEd or Floor

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  • This pillow protects your arm and body from past injuries

    So Comfortable

    " Perfect for a big guy like me. I'm a 6ft, 240lb male who has played sports my whole life. It's always a challenge trying to find a comfortable spot where I'm not in pain. I highly recomend this pillow! "

    -J. Norseworthy

  • pillow for the whole family. mom dad and kids

    Great Function

    " This pillow is so much fun. I can always see the TV and the whole family loves it."

    - Kurt & Caitlyn

  • Incredible Design

    " As an engineer I can appreciate the shape and fantastic design features in the pillow. It may not be for sleeping but my wife and I totally dozed off."

    - Ian & Journey

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