The Big Spoon Story- A perfect cuddle pillow for couples is born

"I built a pillow for couples and it also became the best solo cuddle pillow on the market." 

The Big Spoon Cuddle Pillow is an evolution. Like many other inventions, it was born out of pain and necessity.

In 2017 my fiancé (now wife) Kate and I were returning from a volunteer dental mission in Guatemala. On our way home from the airport our taxi was struck by a vehicle running a red light. The impact from the collision left Kate’s leg shattered and my ankle fractured...

I moved a bed into our living room and our recovery together involved watching movies. Once Kate had healed enough to lie on her side, we enjoyed spooning together.  I soon realized that no arrangement of existing pillows would allow me to stay comfortably in that position for an entire movie.

Early Version of couples Cuddle Pillow

With no solution available on the market, I literally started cutting and glueing pillows together.  


Upon returning to work, I found that all my coworkers experienced a similar problem.  Kinked necks, sleeping arms, squished shoulders, you name it. I began development in earnest and at that time called it the Chillow.


I loved the idea of "Netflix and Chillow", as I worked in television and film on Netflix production’s.

Eventually I filed utility patents in Canada and the United States. I made and revised multiple prototypes.  I learnt to sew in order to create covers. I came up with a name that would stick, the Big Spoon Pillow. I filed for trademark and design Patents.

Around the same time I settled on a design 15% smaller than the original.

The entire time I was spurred on by Kate's support and incredible feedback from  random people, that believed in the concept. 

This pillow is Genius

Anyone who tried the pillow loved it. I mean people of all ages. Perhaps with the exception of my 73 year old father, who said “it's too high! I would rather have no pillow at all”, but from the smile on my mothers face, I could tell the product was a winner!  

I even got my old man to try the pillow a second time, with me.

There is something incredible about being that close to your father and striving to make him proud by building something of your own. 


The Big Spoon Pillow has evolved in name, shape and size over the years. As has Kate and I’s relationship. From dating, to being married, Kate is now a Wilkinson! We brought first one and then a second son into this world. (Pregnancy definitely being the shape and size part of it, lol)

I can first hand see the pillows application in the lives of many different customers. It started for Kate and I  as a way to be close together and heal in comfort during a challenging physical and emotional time.

Using the pillow became a fun and exciting way for us to enjoy movie night before we had children. Later with our first son, Fallon, in the picture, the pillow came out for special periods allowing us to connect and unwind.

When Fallon was old enough to play with it, the pillow became his preferred piece of furniture. 

Kids love the body pillow

Now with a second baby boy, Bodhi, in our lives, a dream home to renovate and a Big Spoon Pillow to launch, spare time is limited. More often than not Kate and I look like the couple watching TV from opposite ends of the sofa. I find it takes communication and conscious energy to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with the one you love. The Big Spoon Pillow is a tool, just like date night, candles or gazing into each others eyes.

I also know that the younger, shy guy I used to be, would have loved the Big Spoon as an aid to make a first date night that much smoother!

What ever YOUR personal situation, I desire for the Big Spoon to play a role as deep & profound in your life, as it has in mine. If the product successfully does so, for even one night, it will be worth all these years of effort.

I designed the Big Spoon to last years, be the highest quality product possible and provide great value. 

Thank you, happy cuddles.

This is only the beginning of your #bigspoon love affair.

Regards Brodie Wilkinson- Inventor/Founder of the Big Spoon Pillow