Robin and Maid Marrion celebrate Valentines Day

Love Beyond the Screen: Navigating Real Relationships


The realms of love and relationships, whether witnessed on the Hollywood screen or experienced in our daily lives, are more complex than first glance. Any genuine relationship is as dramatic, romantic, enticing, and relevant for those in them as any ever written in a screenplay.  As we navigate the intricacies of real-world relationships, we discover that, much like the cinematic narratives, they demand commitment, communication, and shared adventures.

This afternoon, my wife, Kate, and I found ourselves in the aftermath of a little disagreement. With a serious tone, I looked at her and said, "Everything I do, I do for you," adding a lighter touch with a poor rendition of Bryan Adams' timeless lyrics, "Look into your heart, and you will find…" Count your lucky stars you're reading this and not hearing my singing attempt.

This impromptu serenade led me down memory lane, wondering which movie had that iconic song. It turns out it was the 1991 film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," starring Kevin Costner, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Morgan Freeman. As I reflect, two thoughts hit me: A. Darn, I'm getting old—I saw that movie in high school. B. It was an action-packed film with a love story that resonates across time, just like that of Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

With Valentine's on the horizon, I wondered how one could fuel the romance with more realism than the Hollywood big screen presented in the epic tale of Robin Hood.".

Talk It Out

Let's dig deeper than love at first sight, in "Prince of Thieves" at the waterfall Marion, was immediately transfixed. The key to any successful relationship? Communication. Whether voicing displeasure or sharing dreams, open expression and active listening are paramount.

Together Through Thick and Thin

In our own real-world drama, stresses may be modern, but they're just as real. As Robin and Marion faced adversaries and political turmoil, their love remained unwavering. The lesson is clear: standing by your partner is key. Having someone you love and trust in your corner makes overcoming challenges a bit more manageable.

Make Your Love an Adventure

Robin Hood embodied adventure, and his love for Maid Marion reflected that spirit. In the everyday hustle, infuse a sense of adventure into your relationship. Try new things, surprise each other, and keep the flame alive. Shameless plug: The Big Spoon Pillow was made for watching movies, but it's also perfect for spontaneous getaways, like a moonlit picnic or a romantic glamping getaway. Or just some serious gazing into each other's eyes, face to face. While you're at it you might as well feed your loved one some luxurious candy from Mountain Land Caramel Company.

Sealing the Deal

You have the power to make your life as exciting and entertaining as your favourite movie. A little creativity, some grand gestures, and, above all, effort can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Remember, you managed to sweep your special someone off their feet in the first place.

So here's to love, communication, shared adventures, and, of course, the Big Spoon Pillow – because every love story deserves a cozy cuddle and sometimes there is nothing better than watching a Hollywood version unfold on the couch with the one you love.

Cuddle Up- Brodie 

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