The Cuddle You Never Knew You Needed: The Big Spoon Pillow

The Cuddle You Never Knew You Needed: The Big Spoon Pillow


The other night, just before Halloween, my wife and I were lying on the couch watching a movie. It was a completely ridiculous film by the name of "Final Destination." As it turns out, I had never actually seen the original movie when it was released in 2000. I was aware of the premise due to its popularity during my formative years, and I had also seen the famous "logging truck" scene from the second movie. =

If you've never seen that clip, stop and watch it now! Warning its Graphic, crazy and violent car crash!

As a film enthusiast and a former film technician who spent a decade on film and television sets, that scene remains impressively etched in my memory to this very day. It's likely that it crosses your mind every time you find yourself behind a logging truck on the road.

But let's get back to that night on the couch. My wife was using me as a makeshift pillow, and partway through the movie, she sat up and complained about how uncomfortable it was. I breathed a sigh of relief because, frankly, it was numbingly uncomfortable! My back was stiff, and my arm and shoulder had gone numb. The film itself was of questionable quality to begin with, and our cuddle arrangement was making it unbearable.

Fortunately for us, the solution was right there in the same room. My wife asked, "Why aren't we using the Big Spoon?" and I had no good answer. A few moments later, we were both lying comfortably on the couch, spooning. I could move my arm freely as I wished. We both had an unobstructed view of the screen, and our heads and necks were cradled and cushioned by the supple memory foam of the Big Spoon.

It turned even "Final Destination" into a worthwhile Halloween movie date.

I guess what I'm saying is, even as the inventor of the Big Spoon, I had forgotten just how great it could be. But the moment it comes out, the night gets a whole lot better.

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