A WINNER, A founder and a Brand Story- The future of the Big Spoon Pillow

A WINNER, A founder and a Brand Story- The future of the Big Spoon Pillow

Congratulations to our 2023 Big Spoon Pillow and Samsung TV Giveaway winner, Donovan from Red Deer, AB! He'll be binging in comfort and the clarity of an Ultra High Definition TV.

Reflecting on Donovan's fortune takes me back to my own youth, At his age I didn’t even own a TV let alone anything of that price. The value of today's TVs is remarkable, especially considering the more affordable options compared to when I purchased my first Samsung HD LCD. Can you recall the days when an HD home movie on Blu-ray was a mind-blowing experience? I vividly remember watching "The Reaping" with Hilary Swank in my buddy's basement on a SAMSUNG LCD—the scenes with locusts or frogs were mind-blowing! Man, I should really rewatch that movie. Since then, I've been a loyal supporter of the Samsung brand, shortly thereafter, proudly acquiring a similar TV that still stood proudly in my living room.

My television journey continued with the purchase of a phenomenal 65” Samsung QLED UHD—a decision my 20-year-old self could never have fathomed. Yet, the price has significantly dropped over the years. While I'm not a Samsung affiliate, I want to stress that I'm a frugal person who values quality, comfort, and brand loyalty. I've invested in high-quality memory foam mattresses, pillows, and an incredible couch to enhance my movie and binge-watching experiences. Not to mention, nearly every room in my house boasts an early prototype of the Big Spoon Pillow.

I'm committed to instilling comfort and quality in the Big Spoon Pillow, despite it being an unknown brand for now. My vision is to create a product that becomes synonymous with unforgettable film experiences and great times with friends. Just like your first Samsung TV, I hope you'll look back on your well-loved and well-used Big Spoon Pillow with fond memories, thinking, "How did I ever live without it?"

As a lover of movies and television, I've had the privilege of working on big-budget movie sets and delving into television production. At heart, I'm a creator and storyteller, and the Big Spoon Pillow has its own unique creation story you can read here.This pillow is a manifestation of my love and labor, and I genuinely hope that many people can enjoy its comfort while immersing themselves in unforgettable stories they love.

While the Big Spoon Pillow may not be a household name just yet, I have no doubt that it will enter the cultural zeitgeist, much like the Snuggie before it and Netflix today. Until then, we'll be on the fringes, diligently designing and delivering the best product we can. One thing is for sure – the Big Spoon Pillow will always be the most interesting pillow in the room. Like a Liberator Wedge that you don't have to hide away when company comes over.

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